Sunday, December 30, 2007

open sesame

Oh God, Here are my hands, they are broken, bloody, and scarred. Here's my heart wrinkled and black, I know not what it means to hear those words God, after all I am just human, and I am the one saying them.. But i would like to think they are a spell, a sort of open sesame, a magical phrase, a sort of incantation where when my lips close, everything suddenly changes, when I am done speaking it all somehow turns to my liking. I would like to think life was just that easy, that there were such things as keys and bullet points to changing life, to solving catastrophic miseries, to mending one's weakness and braking one's demons but its not like that, so i'll continue to say my magical phrases hoping that after sometime they'll mean something to you God, not that they don't; I am just too blind to notice the smallest of changes, I speak them hoping that somewhere in time, i'll change the wording.

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