Thursday, December 27, 2007

A new Year. A New Start.

So Its A new Year Next Tuesday.
2007 was quite The Year, I learned A lot this past year about life, About God, About myself. I saw People come and go. I read books, saw films, ate food, drank lattes, Signed up for Children International and got a little picture of a little boy half the globe away and Even if i never see his little brown face I know that he had something to eat, I realized Life is not about ourselves but about everyone else. So the other day I slapped myself, I realize how stupid this sounds. But I thought about how if someone hits you your animal instinct is to hit that person back, but if you slap yourself its kinda stupid to hit yourself back... and then it hit me that its not until we feel that slap that we realize we are damaging ourselves with our apathy, procrastination, or sense of nothingness... we are corroding ourselves and only then can we stop our animal instincts and begin to change, to let the great one work start his work on us.

So In this new year I hope to take my dreams and make them true, So In this Blog I will post everything that i find interesting, Amusing, or helpful I will try to write down everything and give you an update of my year...Of my goals

1. Volunteer at the Soup Kitchen Once a Week
2. Start Writing A book, A non-fiction set of essays on life.
3. Begin Silk-screening T-shirts "CagedPedals Inc."
4. Make and Sell Top-tube pads to Bike Shops.
5. Join A Bicycle Club
6. Go back To School: SF State
7. Start An art Co-op
8. Start "The Fixed Image Project"
9. Learn to play an instrument.
Go to a Broadway show......and so many more.
10. Find God

So 'til Tomorrow... I'll Post some Images From Critical Mass

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