Friday, January 4, 2008

Confessions. 0001

Confessions. 0001 There's no seat, well there is but its wooden and poorly designed, its not meant to comfort nor to soften a brutalized corpse. I Can't quite remember when I got that Chair, I don't know when But one thing is certain, its unique. So one day, about two years ago, i was attempting photo emulsion, or to put it in lay terms screen printing. I designed a cesar chavez stencil that was supposed to be photographed into a screen and placed on t-shirts. T-shirts that I would sell at a cesar chavez festival, and make big bucks. See I had the whole thing planned out. It was made in a way that my profits would double my initial buy in; The kind of insurance a pro card player has when he walks into a garage filled with middle aged, beer bellied, blue collared, bald blind men who play once every blue moon. It was impregnable. I would buy one hundred t-shirts at the cost of three dollars each. The screen would cost $45, The chemicals $15, with the paint and everything else it would cost me $500. I would sell every t-shirt for $15, and at the end of the day i would have $1500, One Grand in profit. The story was never like that, I couldn't get the liquids and lighting to work properly. Its been two years, I only made a batch of 5 t-shirts, the design was not detailed, it was just free-drawn with a blue water pigment that bled a lot. Till the day I still say I will make my entrepreneurial career with t-shirts, The cesar chavez is barely noticeable on the chair nowadays (On the chair were I used the stencil to paint; if Aa t-shirt was not its place perhaps the wooden brown chair I sat in every night when I opened the textbooks) the paint is faded, but regardless its still a colourfull thing, with holes punctured through the wood, its aesthetically haunting. So I confess, I've failed, I've given up, I've let a little ignorance stop me from doing what I promised myself one day. I confess.

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